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How to choose the best vacuum cleaner (Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-11-02
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Now a vacuum cleaner, more and more into the people's life, the popularity of a vacuum cleaner has brought people great convenience, to become the people's life indispensable role, therefore in the family is indispensable electrical appliances. 
There are so many types of vacuum cleaner, the market format kinds of cleaner emerge in endlessly, how to choose a cost-effective cleaner also become the people are more concerned with topic, today small make up special invited "007 cleaner network" (http://www.xichenqi007.com) bloggers to give everybody to introduce how to choose to a good household cleaner. 
The best vacuum cleaner is the most suitable for their own family demand vacuum cleaner, a lot of people there are some wrong views, such as: the price of the more expensive vacuum cleaner is better, in fact, the price is only a factor, a good vacuum cleaner should be compared from many aspects, such as vacuum cleaner brand, price, performance and after-sale, these are to analysis and consideration. 
A: vacuum cleaner kinds: look at which kind of vacuum cleaner for you, vacuum cleaner species are: horizontal vacuum cleaner, vertical vacuum cleaner, intelligent cleaner, water filter cleaner, these a few classes, currently used in household cleaner is the largest horizontal vacuum cleaner, horizontal vacuum cleaner relative several, the function is relatively complete, more suitable for the family's needs. 
Two: brand vacuum cleaner relative more security, the brand is through market and time the authentication, so some famous brand vacuum cleaner relative more security, after-sales services could also do better. 
Three: the performance analysis of the vacuum cleaner without, should obtain from the following several aspects 
1 case: check vacuum cleaner shell, see if there was any damage to the place, or scratch trace, sure is a new scatheless. 
2 performance: start a vacuum cleaner for electric inspection, the performance good vacuum cleaner, start time less than a second. 
3 vacuum size: vacuum cleaner vacuum size can be used as an important index, the greater the vacuum vacuum suction is greater, vacuum size as long as higher than 20 pa went, can not be too big, nor size. 
4 voice: vacuum cleaner in motor under high-speed operation will produce a large noise, the people have influence, want to choose sound decibels in 80 db the following vacuum cleaner. 
5 motor: the motor is just like a vacuum cleaner "heart". For motor electric inspection, after starting to see whether the motor operates smoothly, and presence of sharp, harsh grating. 


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