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In the domestic Chinese enterprises cleaner Market see improvement (Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-11-02
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In 2012, the Chinese electrical appliances market growth slows down into the phase of adjustment, but has been tepid cleaner is started by the market favour, cause the industry and consumers attention. At present, the cleaner production in the main square in foreign capital enterprise, with the international market economic situation glide, plus the domestic market foster increasingly strengthen, residents the improvement of living standards and clean habit change, vacuum cleaner production enterprises pay more and more attention to China, it also provide a boost to the domestic enterprises for cleaner product input. 

China's market has been a vacuum cleaner with philips, panasonic, electrolux, and so a small number of foreign brand is given priority to, nearly one or two years, the branch voss, iRobot del mar, manahath, new er, Calais, many international brands such as vacuum cleaner began to appear in China and gradually approbated by consumer, plus domestic enterprise investment, the Chinese market in the vacuum cleaner enterprise eyes become more and more important, China cleaner market more and more lively: in 2008, has been concentrating on the international market and to achieve good results from lake domestic and quickly send force, industry ranked at one fell swoop from tenth fourth place, In 2011, the integration of vacuum cleaner and other products category, the establishment of clean and healthy appliances division, plan 2012 sales accounted for vacuum cleaner than to improve to 30%, 

"We have always valued the domestic market, this is also the reason of lake from the domestic market. Lake electrical co., LTD., the domestic marketing company executive vice general manager WangMingKe said so. Panasonic, electrolux, a number of other relevant person in charge also vacuum cleaner enterprise in China with vacuum cleaner market same attitude, they think, because of the Chinese family traditional clean habit, and many other factors, the Chinese market at present vacuum cleaner penetration is not high. China cleaner producing area concentrated in zhejiang and guangdong, etc. According to the national bureau of statistics data, in 2010, the Chinese vacuum cleaner production reached 75.9655 million units in 2011, 83.1692 million, year-on-year growth of 9.5%. 2012 1 ~ 7 months, vacuum cleaner cumulative output for 43.8492 million sets. Although in recent years Chinese cleaner market growth is not big, still failed to qualify for the explosive growth, the vacuum cleaner enterprise have been said, this is a process of accumulation, they would the Chinese market as a key market development, and believe it has a brilliant tomorrow. 

It is reported, current several cleaner enterprise products in suction net force and noise respect to all have good performance, product appearance shows more and more exquisite, use more and more human nature, function more and more perfect characteristics. A vacuum cleaner can no longer just dust removal, and at the same time, still can brush the ground, divide mite, purify air, etc.; Use area is no longer limited to the floor or carpet, but extended to the curtains, window frame, etc more usually is not easy to clean the place. Although China's national conditions and productivity determines the Chinese consumers tend to the good and inexpensive products, China cleaner market from overall, medium, low end the market more competitive, but several cleaner person in charge also said that as a vacuum cleaner technology development and consumer consumption level and acceptance of a vacuum cleaner to improve, high-end product competition will also aggravate. A vacuum cleaner is toward more and more intelligent, environmental protection, low noise and high efficient development direction. 

A vacuum cleaner enterprise pay attention to Chinese market, can also from them to take part in the Chinese electrical appliances exposition whereby the enthusiasm. As we have learned, by the China household appliances association the 12th the Chinese electrical appliances fair (i.e., Shanghai GuDianZhan, official website: http://www.appliance-expo.com/) on March 19, 2013 in Shanghai new international expo center unveiled. Up to present, vacuum cleaner enterprise scale and quantity of the exhibition, the exhibition scale in which it has a good growth. Among them, the lake with 180 square meters of large booths at Shanghai GuDianZhan, exhibits covers all categories of cleaner; In China a vacuum cleaner market sales of the top list of panasonic, electrolux and families who reach, KaiChi, samsung, etc. The last GuDianZhan exhibitors, next year will be nearly square meters are the booth of the dress to attend. In addition, Shanghai GuDianZhan also attract blessed matt, family voss, fu vick and other new exhibition brand vacuum cleaner close attention, at the appointed time will have much money cleaner at Shanghai new GuDianZhan. 

Have enterprise representative said, with the aid of the Chinese electrical appliances fair this home appliance industry event, will be more high-end, more intelligent, more accord with the consumer cleaning requirements vacuum cleaner introduced to more consumers, can make them more can accept a vacuum cleaner to this new era cleaning tools, at the same time, also can promote cleaner industry technical exchange and communication. 


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