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Magical function vacuum cleaner seven recruit (Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-11-02
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In addition to cleaning, vacuum cleaner can also do??????????????? 

If now, you buy a vacuum cleaner just to absorb the dust on the floor, it out! 

Op Neil cleaner magical function seven recruit, for you to reveal unknown cleaner little magical effect. 

Magical function first recruit: clearing mite sorrow 

Itchy skin, various cold, extremely easy allergy... Deeply mite trouble, never a hand, immediately eliminate mites! 

TEK strong suction, high efficiency dust collection with professional booster turbine divide mite brush, shock absorption and three layer stereo clean, strong beat, high efficiency dust removal, fundamentally clearing mite! 

Magical function second recruit: mosquito blocker 

Damned mosquitoes there are? Can't kill, bedding also disorderly, drive midge water, toilet water of what is floating clouds, the clever use cleaner strong suction! Let mosquitoes thrive in a vacuum cleaner around inside turn, destroy you hate mosquitoes. 

Magical function three recruit: dry cleaning new methods 

Clothing heavy too hard to wash, wool always dispersion fine fiber, frequent cleaning is still very obstinate, with TEK vacuum cleaner with effective horse bristle brush can remove the clothing small dust. 

Magical function fourth recruit: get rid of pet hair 

Pet hair too sticky, the ground root, when Saul floating around, can't completely clear, then use cleaner! TEK cleaner strong suction, from now on the floor, the sofa, air never see a hair! 

Magical function fifth recruit: looking for things lost 

Home life will inevitably immodesty drop into such as buttons, tablets, bottle caps, hand sewing needle and small items, with the aid of TEK cleaner can easily find. 

Before use, first the vacuum suction mouth with a layer of thin gauze is good, then plugged with suction mouth in falling objects around in the back and forth sliding, drop items will soon adsorption to the gauze. So the little magical effect, whether in your expectation? 

Magical function sixth recruit: destroy spider's web 

Roof clean always reach, then use TEK wall top metope brush! Manual expansion automatic adjustment length, 

Thoroughly clean the roof dust, don't let spiders unconsciously in your head foundation. 

Magical effect on the seventh recruit: purification take a deep breath 

TEK cleaner the supersonic from core technology, to household in the dust, hair, fibers, etc for effective separation, layer upon layer purification, fine filter dust, at the same time cooperate with medical level bacteria resistant HEPA filter, discharge clean air, fundamentally improve the respiratory diseases. 

Magical function eight recruit: clean up small keyboard 

The keyboard of dust is often difficult to clean, then use TEK cleaner right, handle control suction button, anytime and anywhere control suction, thoroughly remove tiny corner dust. 

The original address: http://news.zol.com.cn/330/3307572.html 



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