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Working and newly-married family preferred OPE cleaner (Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-11-02
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1. The new roller Brush Clean technology BRC (Brush Roll Clean) : new roller Brush Clean technology, as long as gently with the feet step on the Brush head pedal, in a short span of a few seconds, winding in the Brush head hair and fiber can be inbuilt blade gap, and then be inhaled dust bin. Make consumers don't have done by hand is time-consuming and annoying brush roll cleaning. It is simple, and health, improve the overall performance of the vacuum cleaner. 

2. Lithium battery: in the power section Ergorapido BRC series using the new lithium battery, only need to charge after 4 hours in silent mode and sustainable for about 35 minutes; In addition suction bottom adopt unique zigzag spacing design, even corn or cat sand, big clastic can be a dust completely, in all sorts of different surface the floor also have good dust effect. A new generation of red Peter cleaner working time in the original foundation increased by 75%, from the original 20 minutes to ascend to the now 35 minutes, and charging time corresponding on the basis of the original was reduced by 75%, from the original 16 hours shortened to the present 4 hours, at the same time in hand part is the additional power indicator function, users can more intuitive understanding of the vacuum cleaner light, convenient user completes the accumulator preparation. 

3. Epoxy resin wireless upright type vacuum cleaner: perfect epoxy resin design, as long as light according to both sides button, namely can go to a vacuum cleaner to use. So whether the floor, carpet, furniture, gap or dead Angle, perfect steward can effectively clean. For private owners speaking, hand-held design more its provides convenience. 

4. Patent bomb ash device: in hand cleaner tail has a dust box open device, the user simply press the button light can open dust collection box, pull up/release spring 5-6 times can easily play fall dirt. When using after period of time, the user just press release button that is under the desirable all filter, through the warm water rinse can washing clean, not only reduce the dust bag consumption but also save a lot of time, saves time and effort to save money. 

5. Whirlwind integrated system: tornado integrated system to perfect the housekeeper's suction more lasting, because it can avoid dust jam screen. Combined with the whirlwind filter system, electric brush and up to 18 v of lithium plate power, perfect steward on the carpet and on the floor can effectively remove dust and debris, etc.! 

6. Fashion boreal Europe style Design (Scandinavian Design) : red Peter series of coloring on the fusion Scandinavia colorful change all the year round. 12 v have acid violet, blue, olive green and silk black 4 kinds of color; 18 v lithium electrotype with chocolate brown. Rainbow color design as if let the consumer can feel thoroughly the blue sky, blue sea water, warm sunshine, the grass. " 

7. Humanized Design (Thoughtful Design). As a representative of the delicate small home appliance brand, electrolux design in the process of products throughout "thinking of you" concept. OPE is it back non-slip design - vertical handle rear non-slip design convenient users will put a vacuum cleaner at home any position, don't worry handle will slide cause floor and fuselage damage; And the OPE headlight - new perfect steward has the original head lamp design, from now on cleaning under the bed can see as clear as day! Have double joint suction, let you can easily in furniture between rotating suction, comfortable fast clean! Still have muti_function accessories -- receive in charging seat, two practical parts, one is slot suction can thoroughly clean the corner of the difficult and sofa gap, and still another is brush suction is able to deal with uneven plane, and convenient transparent dust box: unique dust cover, convenient use other cleaner hose clean. 



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