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Industrial vacuum cleaner in the environmental protection of the importance of c(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-11-02
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Single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner in the importance of environmental cleaning equipment is: 

In food manufacturing, residual dust and dust can lead to bacterial, insects, mice and mold growth, and pollution can lead to safety products are being recalled, and dust, dust cleaning will occupy the late a lot of valuable time, so common cleaning, top air clean and equipment cleaning was especially important, and we should pay attention to timely cleaning work environment. With high efficiency filtration efficiency of vacuum cleaner can clear production equipment and production process produced by the residual dust. If a clean area is regarded as heavy pollution area, is more need to use the vacuum cleaner, and vacuum cleaner more easy maintenance. 

The new 901 - CC single-phase industrial cleaner design is based on a large amount of market on the basis of the investigation, in order to for food, manufacturing industry in industrial vacuum cleaner to provide suitable for present and future solutions. 

New type of single phase industrial cleaner S3 is unbeatable new window: electronic control operation simple and sustainable monitoring vacuum efficiency; Can control section options of functions, such as fixed or liquid separation. This version is a real "board", greatly improving the efficiency. 

The another characteristic of CC for vacuum cleaner of modularity, but in a few minutes modified, for example in only a few minutes can replace collection system. 

In addition CC and attach great importance to human engineering design: new single-phase vacuum industrial cleaner light weight, easy to use, mobile energy, high safety, can provide the certification by the model L, M and H. 

Finally, is particularly important, the vacuum cleaner design beautiful with modernization. 



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